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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Denver Web Success provides the full range of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services to rank your website highly, for relevant and searched keyword search phrases. Our aim is to generate qualified visitors to your website that will result in new business revenue. It is all about return on investment.

Search Engine Strategy

Based on the free website analysis, completed as part of our web services client engagement process, Denver Web Success will provide best advice on what mixture of designdevelopment, and search engine optimization elements will be most profitable for your business.

This strategy will, of course, also be very different depending on whether you are starting a new website, already have a website, may have been working with another SEO company, previous marketing activities, and so on.

There are many elements to internet marketing, but it generally starts with a combination of SEO keyword research and on-site search engine optimization.


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Keyword Research

Search Terms represent the Market Demand. Why not build a website to meet this demand?

Instead, Denver Web Success starts by researching all of the terms people are using that might be relevant for your business. We do this using a combination of seed keywords, competitor analysis, related terms, auto-suggest, and ultimately Google’s Keyword Planner.

We will then discuss these search terms with you to agree a list of target keywords (both broad and niche, or long-tail) that are most appropriate for your business. This can include secondary and tertiary (related) keywords that may be relevant.

Search engines have progressed a great deal over the last few years, and some people argue that there is no need to build a separate page for each target keyword. To an extent this is true and it is very important to understand related keywords and the searcher’s intent. However, if your potential customers are looking for “blue widgets with pink spots” then it makes perfect sense to have a page dedicated to that keyword.

On-Site Search Engine Optimization

At this stage we are ready to start optimizing your website. Depending on the outcome of the keyword research, this may require modification of existing pages or the creation of new pages and menu navigation. In every case we make sure that:

  • All the header information is optimized, including the important title tag, the meta description (these two elements generally become your advertisement within the search engine results).
  • All content headlines (H1, H2, etc) and image tags are completed and relevant.
  • The content of the page is appropriate for the target keyword search term. This does not mean trying to stuff the keyword into the content as much as possible! Howeve