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DWS Content Management System CMS

What is Content Management?

“Content is King” is one of Google’s mantras and we agree that the creation of great content is obviously important as part of the initial website design and development. However, just because the website is complete, does not mean that it should not continue to develop and grow over time.

Content Management involves the continual enhancement of the website through copy development, photo galleries, videos, charts and infographics, blogging or articles, staff/team pages, etc.

Successful content management requires a Content Management System (CMS) interface that allows you to update relevant portions of your website quickly and easily. It is also important that this system allows you to include appropriate on-page and on-site optimization for the additional/changed content.


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Custom Web Administration

There are plenty of well known content management systems available, such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc. The problem many people have with these systems is that, because the entire website is controlled through the CMS, the administration interface can be quite daunting.

Fortunately, Denver Web Success has expertise in web scripting and applications, so we are able to craft a custom administration interface that is incredibly simple to use and just covers the areas of the website that you need – no possibility of accidentally breaking anything!

WordPress CMS

WordPress, which started as a blogging system, is now the most popular content management system available. It is open source, has thousands of plugins available (to add functionality), is one of the better systems for search engine optimization (as long as you have the correct plugins), and is a relatively simple system to use.

Of course, it does have some issues. As an open source system, it is easier for hackers to find security holes, so the system has to be updated quite frequently. Unfortunately, the plugins that you are using do not necessarily update at the same time and can cause issues. WordPress may also not be the best option if you have very detailed SEO requirements, as the SEO plugins are not ideal, and WordPress tends to have lots of generic code, slowing the loading of pages, which can also affect ranking.

Denver Web Success has years of experience with WordPress and has used it to build a large number of sites for clients. It may be the best option for your website project, either because you’re already using WordPress, or because of the specific functionality you require. Denver Web Success will assess your requirements and provide best advice based on:

  • Content Management Requirements: If you need complete control of your entire website, then WordPress may be your best option. However, if you simply want to be able to update, say, your photo gallery and testimonials, then perhaps custom web administration will be easier and quicker for you.

  • Website Functionality: While Denver Web Success has extensive web scripting knowledge and can custom-build any functionality you require, it does not make sense to reinvent what is already freely available. For example, if you want a blog as part of your website, then WordPress is probably your best solution.

  • Market Competitiveness: Although WordPress plugins can help a great deal with SEO, it is always going to be sub-optimal when compared to a hand-coded, custom website.