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An eye-catching website design is just the first element in building a successful web presence. Before the web marketing starts, it is important to choose the best web development environment.-


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What is the Best Web Development Platform?

The majority of web companies seem to specialize in particular platforms. We regularly run into WordPress designers, Joomla specialists, or Magento ecommerce experts. The problem here is that, regardless of your actual requirements, these companies will naturally persuade you that their chosen development environment is best for your web requirements. They will then spend your time and your money trying to shoehorn you into their solution.

Denver Web Success will instead discuss your exact requirements in detail and recommend the best possible solution:

If your website is not user-friendly it will undoubtedly fail. There are many elements to website usability, including accessibility from different devices, page load speed, relevance and clarity of content, consistency of design, simplicity of layout, good use of space, ease of navigation, and much more.

  • WordPress CMS: WordPress is a relatively simple environment with great flexibility and thousands of plugins to extend the functionality. If your requirements are relatively simple, or you need an on-site blog, then WordPress may be your best solution. In some cases it can even be the correct choice for ecommerce websites, though dedicated ecommerce platforms tend to offer better options.You can read about the pros and cons of WordPress as a content management system.
  • Ecommerce: If you want to build an online shopping experience, a specialized ecommerce system is usually the best option. Denver Web Success has experience with a number of systems, including Pinnacle, X-Cart, ShopSite, and Magento. However, we typically now concentrate on the flexible, open-source OpenCart system.The exception to this is the situation where additional WordPress functionality may be required, in which case Denver Web Success will recommend the WooCommerce WordPress plugin.

  • Custom Coding: If this is to be a marketable website and you are in a competitive online market, then we should really consider custom web development. Many of the websites that we develop take this approach because it allows us to create streamlined sites with the best possible search engine optimization.
  • Scripting & Applications: Of course, maybe you are looking for something much more advanced in the way of dynamic content or web applications. Having built our first website in 1994, Denver Web Success has knowledge and skills in hand-coding HTML/CSS, PHP scripting, MySQL databases, Javascript, and Ajax. Whatever your requirements, we can help.

During our website services client engagement process we will discuss your requirements in detail and recommend the best solution for your business goals.