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  • Website Analysis: This is a free-of-charge analysis that we put together for all potential clients. We have included the details below, under our client engagement process.

  • Project Initiation Meeting: We always start every project with an initial meeting where we will cover:

    1. Project goals, guidelines, communication, meetings, deliverables, and quality control.
    2. Corporate branding, logo, fonts/styles, graphics, marketing materials, etc.
    3. Keywords, including seed keyword list, process, and timeline.
    4. Design elements, including layout options, likes/dislikes, fit to branding, etc.


  • Keyword Research: If we are building a marketable website, the first step is to carry out in-depth keyword research to determine what terms people are searching for. We will work through this report together to plan out the target terms and choose the pages. We will then create a Page Navigation document that shows the menu structure, pages, and target keyword search terms.

  • Design & Development: Website design, incorporating menu page navigation, corporate branding, calls to action, and full search engine optimization. In parallel with this we will work with the client to produce content. Website development is usually custom codingWordPress content managament system, or OpenCart ecommerce.

  • Go Live: Once ready, we put the website live, including adding analytics, plus the creation and submission of an XML sitemap to Google and Bing Webmaster Tools.

  • Marketing: For marketing projects the real work now starts, where we run inbound and content marketing through some combination of internet marketinglocal internet marketing, and pay per click advertising.

  • Reporting: Throughout the marketing portion of the services we run ranking reports, monitor the analytics, track website conversions, and assess the project success for your return on investment.


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Client Engagement Process

Before embarking on any project, Denver Web Success produces a free website analysis document. This is the start of our client engagement process.

There are automated website analysis tools available, but these tend to just spit out easily recognized statistics, such as missing meta tags, etc. Instead, Denver Web Success performs a full, manual analysis of your online market, including:

  • Keyword Analysis: While not as in-depth as our full keyword research, we do look to see what search terms people are using that might be relevant for your business, plus how often they are searching. After all, do you really want to invest in website marketing if nobody is searching for you?
  • Competitor Strength: Using some common search terms, we then find some of your competitors and reverse engineer their websites. We look to see how good they are in terms of design, SEO, and marketing.
  • Your Website Strength: Using exactly the same approach, we then compare your website to your competitors.
  • Analysis Meeting – Finally, we spend the time to meet with you personally to:

    • Educate you on your online market and how it pertains to search engine ranking.
    • Take you through the website analysis, so you can see your online market potential and competitor strength compared to your own online presence.
    • Provide best advice and a strategy for moving forward successfully. Or, we will explain why online marketing may not be your best option. We will not suggest moving forward unless we truly believe you will see a return on investment.