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Most organizations do not understand the effectiveness of their website. How well does it rank? How many visitors does it get? Where are they coming from? How are they engaging with the website? And, most importantly, what is the conversion rate (i.e. contacts, purchases, etc)?

Occasionally, enterprise-level clients may require specific tools. However, for most clients, Google Analytics provides all the insight into user acquisition and behavior that they need. Denver Web Success installs Google Analytics on every website we build or manage.

Not only do you have 24/7 access to all of this information, but we will use it to monitor your website and educate you on useful aspects of the analytics interface, as part of our knowledge transfer philosophy.


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Analytics Data

There’s a wealth of knowledge to be gleaned from careful study of analytics data, including:

  • Visitor Statistics: There is plenty of information we can learn about visitors, cush as:

    • How many visitors are you getting and where are they coming from?
    • What is the ratio between new and returning visitors?
    • What types of devices and operating systems are they using? Does your website resonate with mobile phone users?
    • Are you attracting your target audience?
  • Acquisition Information: Examining how visitors find you can tell us a great deal, such as:
  • How well are you ranking for relevant search terms in search engines?
  • How well is your social media marketing working?
  • Even, how offline marketing efforts may be affecting your website visits
  • User Behavior: Analytics can tell us:
  • What pages users arrive at, how long they stay on a page, and whether they navigate elsewhere or leave again.
  • We can track what pages are performing well, which calls-to-action are most effective, and much more.

Application of Analytics Data

Study of the plethora of data available through Analytics helps us to:

Analytics Audit

Perhaps you are not looking for our full range of services, but would like somebody to audit your analytics and let you know where you stand. We often get clients that are unsure whether their current web partner is performing well, or are considering investing in, say, Google AdWords Pay Per Click Advertising, but don’t want to waste money if their website is unlikely to convert the paid visitors.

Denver Web Success can provide this audit, either as a simple examination of your analytics, or as part of our complete website audit.